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December 04, 2013  

Lt. Governor Dewhurst Delivers Interim Charges to Enhance Border Security
AUSTIN—Today, in a press conference at the State Capitol with Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst charged the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs & Homeland Security with studying the state's recent and ongoing efforts to secure the border.
"For the past five years, I've responded to Washington's abject failure along the border by leading the charge to equip Texas law enforcement with the resources they need to keep our citizens safe, to the tune of $800 million." said Dewhurst. "With Operation Strong Safety, we have proof of what happens when the right resources are applied to the biggest problems."
Having already championed legislation during the 83rd legislative session to increase border security in the border region including an additional $122 million investment, Lt. Governor Dewhurst instructed Committee leadership to focus on the following pressing concerns:
EFFECTIVE SECURITY. Following the state's increased investment in border security during the 83rd legislative session, Dewhurst asked the committee to study the effectiveness of the recent Department of Public Safety surge operation and make recommendations for future surges. He also asked the committee to evaluate the most effective methods to deal with evolving threats, deter illegal immigration, and deter transnational and drug-related violence and crime.
COMPREHENSIVE REPORTING. In an effort to improve law enforcement and border security efforts, Dewhurst instructed the committee to study whether current crime statistics reporting accurately measures all crime and crimes related to illegal border activities. Dewhurst also instructed the committee to make recommendations on how to best take advantage of the available crime data and identify potential barriers to adopting a more comprehensive statewide system.
"It is clear that the security of the border region has an impact on public safety across the state," Dewhurst concluded. "If we can achieve successful results with a coordinated law enforcement surge over 3 weeks, we owe it to our citizens to do it continuously, for 52 weeks per year."
Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst will continue to release his interim charges in the coming weeks.
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