Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Statement on AG Lawsuit Regarding Transgender Policies


AUSTIN – It is clear that the Obama administration is trying to force an ill-advised, eleventh-hour bathroom edict on Texas and all American schools that ignores both common sense and common decency. Obama’s bathroom policy, which applies to grades K-12, creates a problem where none existed. It will disrupt schools across Texas, creating potentially embarrassing and unsafe situations for girls who would be forced, under his order, to share bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with boys.

We, the people of Texas, will not stand for this. I strongly support Attorney General Ken Paxton’s legal action today to sue the Obama administration to stop this outrageous federal overreach. I stand with him in this fight to assure that these guidelines – which serve no purpose in improving education and violate local control and parents’ rights – do not stand.
It is gratifying, although not surprising, that at least 10 other states have already joined Texas in this battle against an attempt to rule by executive guidelines. I have received enormous support from across the state, from parents who oppose Obama’s action.

As lieutenant governor I will continue to lead in the fight to protect the privacy, dignity, comfort and safety of young girls and women from local and federal regulations that defy common sense and common decency.