Patrick Calls on President Obama to Take a Strong Stand in Support of Police


Lt. Governor Speaks Directly to the President in National Town Hall Forum


WASHINGTON, DC – Lt. Governor Dan Patrick called on President Barack Obama today to take strong steps to demonstrate his support for police in light of the violence of recent days. Speaking in Washington, D.C., at a national town hall on police violence entitled “The President and the People: A National Conversation” hosted by ABC News Thursday, Patrick told the president he should condemn all protestors who use violent rhetoric against law enforcement.



He also urged the president to avoid passing judgment in police shootings before all the facts are in.

The program was recorded earlier in the afternoon and a highly edited version aired during prime time.

Patrick was invited to participate in the national town hall, which was organized earlier this week by ABC News, in response to the police murders in Dallas and other police-related shootings around the country.

The audience included police and protesters, and people from communities that have recently experienced violence and unrest.

Patrick drew a smile from the president and the audience when he began by noting that they have something in common: “As Lt. Governor of Texas, like you, Mr. President – some people in my state really like me and some people really don’t.”

Patrick said the thousands of police officers in Texas know they have his support, but he told Obama that he was not sure officers always feel the same about the president.

Patrick closed with a request that the president order the White House lit with blue lights as a show of support for law enforcement — a move police organizations have asked him to make. President Obama did not respond to Patrick’s request.

The national town hall was broadcast, without commercials on ABC News, ESPN and Disney Channel as well as several digital platforms.