Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: Statement on the Passage of Senate Bill 3 – School Choice


“School choice is the civil rights issue of our time.”


AUSTIN – Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick issued this statement today following the passage of Senate Bill 3 – School Choice, by Senator Larry Taylor, (R – Friendswood). Senate Bill 3 will establish Education Savings Accounts and a Tax Credit Scholarship program in Texas.

“School choice is the civil rights issue of our time. Texas is one of 20 states that does not have a school choice program and Senate Bill 3 will finally change that.

“Senate Bill 3 will provide educational options to almost 4 million students including 134,441 who are currently in failing schools. ESA’s will provide parents with funds to pay for the educational needs of their child including private school tuition, tutoring and online courses. Tax Credit Scholarships also provide financial assistance to parents as well as up to $500 for academic support in a public school. Both programs make disabled students a priority.

“A parent trigger has been added to Senate Bill 3 to allow parents in rural areas an opportunity to participate in the program.

“A wide majority of Texans in every demographic group and both political parties support school choice. Making sure that every child has the opportunity to attend the school their parents believe is best for them is something the people of Texas elected us to do. I commend Senator Larry Taylor for his leadership on this critical issue and congratulate him on the passage of Senate Bill 3.”